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FLOOR is dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence in product, guidance, and installation. Communication is key. We are available when you need us. We have the experience to give you the right information and the integrity to give you the honest answers. From planning and scheduling to installation and follow up after completion, your satisfaction is always our imperative. Generations of repeat and referral business serve as the backbone for all we do.

our warranty

We offer a one-year warranty on installation of our carpet, tile, and engineered hardwood products in conjunction with the manufacturers' product warranties. FLOOR also offers free stretching of carpet purchased and installed from / by FLOOR for life (non-transferrable to new owner).

products overview

luxury floor coverings

Our products embody quality without compromise. The consultants and installation professionals of FLOOR have been serving Houston’s most discerning clients for years. The themes of elegance, resilience, innovative alternatives, superior materials, and beauty run through our entire range of flooring solutions.

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Natural Fiber

Natural fibers have many advantages over synthetic materials – natural beauty, warmth, durability, and a healthy, clean environment. Our natural fiber products come from plants (sisal, jute, abaca, seagrass, coir and paper) and animals (wool), which brings a touch of nature indoors and helps purify air quality to create a healthy environment. Because of their natural origins, these materials are sustainable resources. When you choose a sustainable floor covering, you are not simply buying a home accessory. You are making a meaningful statement about what you believe in. You are helping to create a world where quality, beauty, and a sustainable way of life are essential.


Whether solid or engineered, domestic or exotic, hand scraped or smooth finished, our hardwood floors come from woods sourced for their sustainability, structure, design, and durability.  Wood flooring is versatile and timeless and offers unsurpassed beauty and simplicity. Even more intricate than a carefully crafted carpet, the grain patterns that can be drawn from our beautiful woods are made from nature’s paintbrush.

custom Area rugs & stair runners

A room’s “fifth wall,” the floor can showcase dramatic area rugs that are so breathtaking in color and design they are works of art.  Rugs can change the feel of a space in minutes, as a luxurious accent to a formal room or central point of energy and organization, and look great layered over carpet or adding warmth and color to hardwood. Our custom area rugs, made of your choice of fibers – natural or synthetic, standalone or in combinations of wool, linen, sisal, seagrass, allow you to create your own work of art with thousands of colors and textures to choose from. 

From noise reduction to insulation, floor protection and protection against slips and drops on stairs, carpeted stair runners provide more comfort and padding than bare wooden floors. If you have carpeted stairs, stair runners keep a dirt tread from forming and are easier to clean than carpeted stairs. Our stair runners come in a wide range of materials, various textures, and colors and designs that can add depth and style to any room décor.


Up to 90% of all carpet and contemporary rugs are made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester and other synthetics. Advanced technology and improved design means that many synthetic floors can easily match their natural counterparts in durability, if not exceeding them. Affordability, stain resistance, versatility, and consistency in appearance make our synthetic fiber flooring options great choices for those applications where natural fiber flooring is not practical.

Porcelanosa Floor and Wall Coverings

Porcelanosa offers some of the most advanced tile and stone floor and wall products for both commercial and residential applications with a product offering large enough to satisfy the needs of every project, budget and application. Manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies, the lifestyle notion at Porcelanosa conveys a commitment to quality, innovation and the environment. Strict testing, quality controls and innovation are the very reason why our customers enjoy the Porcelanosa lifestyle for as long as they own their homes.